Metal Tape / Strip Seals (MTS-001)

JHAS Metal Tape / Strip Seals (MTS-001) are ideal for containers, trucks, petroleum, milk tankers, railway wagons etc.

JHAS Metal Tape Seals / Metal Strip Seals (MTS-001) are ideal for Containers, Trucks, Petroleum / Milk Tankers, Wagons etc.

Available As

  • Standard Item from Stock
    Preprinted & Prenumbered
  • Custom Ordered Item
    Printed & Numbered


Body: TIN


Lenght: 240mm
Width: 10mm


  • Logo: Laser Marked/ Embossed in High Relief
  • Serial Nos: Laser marked


100 serially in a poly bag.


Insert strap end into locking head until a ‘click’ sound is heard. This indicates that seal has been engaged correctly. Pull back the seal tail to ensure that the seal is fastened.

  • Made of tin-plated steel, optional painted strap or painted head (not both)
  • Laser marking with two lines of up to 17 characters and 5-10 digits
  • Tensile strength: 116 lbf. (0.52 kN)
  • Removal: cut with tool (cable cutters or tin cutters)
Metal Tape Seals / Metal Strip Seals (MTS-001)