Anchor Seals With Serial Numbers (AS-T)

JHAS Anchor Seals With Serial Numbers (AS-T) have handpress locking mechanism. Ideal seals for electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, taxi, drums, containers etc.

JHAS Anchor T Seals (AS-T) have double stage locking mechanism. Ideal seals for Electricity meters, Gas Meters, Water meters, taxi, Drums, Containers etc.

Available as

  • Standard Item from Stock
    Preprinted & Prenumbered
  • Custom Ordered Item
    Printed & Numbered




Please check the technical drawing


  • Logo:
    Embossed in High Relief
  • Serial Nos:
    Laser marked
  • Bar-coding:


100 serially arranged in a poly bag
1000 seals to a carton


Pull wire through the object to be sealed and holes on the male part, thereafter pressing male part in to female parts twice attains complete locking. Cut extra wire using cable cutters.

  • Anchor type locking does not requires tool for locking
  • Environmental friendly alternative to lead seals
  • Laser marked serial nos. up to 7 digits
  • High relief / embossed / moulded logo for customisation
  • Can be used with wire, thread, ribbon etc.
  • Various colours available
Anchor T Seals (AS-T)